What Is Best Time To Eat Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner? Why Is Food Timing Matters?

Humor keeps us alive. Humor and food. Don’t forget the food. You can go a week without laughing, the right food is as important as to take it at the right time. Because, in the end, you are what, what you eat eats.

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When you’re on a diet plan, eating the right food and at the right time are both equally important when attempting to lose weight and also for a healthy body. If you want to shed kilos abruptly, then you need to take care of both. But amidst our hectic schedule and work pressure, we often have our lunch late in the afternoon and this one factor is enough to destroy our weight loss intention.

What is the worst time to take lunch?

As per research issued in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, having your food after 3 PM can slow down your weight loss process. The journal covered research, which was escorted on more than 1200 overweight people in Spain who were seeking to lose their weight. It was found that people who had their lunch after 3 PM had trouble in losing their weight. The study focused on the effect of the perilipin protein, which is found in human cells and important for the fat burning process. People who had a little genetic variation of this protein lost less weight when they had their meal after 3 PM.

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Why the timing matters?

We know that circadian rhythm is the internal clock that regulates the body’s sleep and wakes up cycle. But it also has a major impact on our insulin responsiveness. Eating food when your insulin sensitivity is low can make it harder to mobilize the fat and lose kilos.

Talking about an investigation accompanied by Harvard University, no matter how well you eat, if you are not eating at the right time, it will be tough for you to lose weight. Having your meal at the same time daily will help you maintain a balance between your mealtime and circadian rhythms. Your food timing can also help you maintain your metabolism, body-weight, obesity-related diseases and sleep cycle. So, when working to lose weight then this is the right time to feed yourself:


MID MORNING SNACK: 2 to 4 hours later breakfast

LUNCH: Before 3 PM

AFTERNOON SNACK: 2 to 4 hours later lunch

DINNER: Between 5 PM to 7 PM

Also, after having the last food of the day, i.e dinner or supper, at least walk a mile to boost your working on weight loss and it also helps the metabolism to digest the dinner.

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