Twilight Fans Can Now Rent The House Where Bella Swan Lived, Home Is Listed on Airbnb

Back in recent past, Stark’s Cabin from the movie Avengers: Endgame got listed on Airbnb. Iron Man’s cabin now being rented by guests for Rs.55,000 per night. Now, Twilight fans have also the chance, they can rent Bella’s home.

The fantasy film series, the Twilight saga has stuck to us long. Girls being smitten by Edward Cullen and having fantasies of spending their life romancing a Vampire and boys wishing to have a girl as beautiful as Bella Swan is a part and parcel of being a Twilight fan.

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But then as we imagine how we can have the Twilight life, one can also see that the house in which the Cullens family stayed. That lush house, in which most of the film was shot in Oregon has been put on rent. Yes, you read it right. The house can be rented and has been taken over by Airbnb. It happens to have initially shared by PopSugar and has caught up well with the masses.

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For the movie – to prepare the house for its screen debut, the production crew painted the exterior and most of the rooms inside. The owners had a choice: They could have their house repainted in the original colors, select new colors or keep the ones chosen by the production designer. The owners kept the film’s color palette: Blue in the living room, yellow in the hallway and green in the kitchen, which are all complementary colors.

The house was purchased by someone last year and has been put on the website for rent. The Swan’s house is available for $440 a night on Friday and Saturday, and $330 every other day of the week, which is pretty reasonable considering there are five bedrooms and a 10-person occupancy.

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