Limit Use Of Phone Can Correct The Sleeping Problems In 7 Days

Since the phones of today have a very wide range of functions, we rely on it. The effects, however, depend on how you use your phone. Besides from getting increment in our knowledge, participation in social activities, connectivity with friends, efficiency boost in works and use as a camera to record the moment but apart from that, giving more hours to the mobile phone, we also get cursed of reduced self- efficiency at work, addictive wastage of time but the worst is eye/neck strain.

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A recent study has revealed, limiting nightfall exposure to blue-light emitting screens on smartphones, tablets, and computers can invert sleep problems and decrease manifestations of fatigue, lack of concentration and bad mood in teenagers, just after 7 days.

The study also found that those who had more than four hours per day of screen time had on average 30 minutes later sleep incipience and wake up times than those who recorded less than one hour per day of screen time, as well as more manifestations of sleep drop.

“Adolescents increasingly spend more time on devices with screens and sleep complaints are frequent in this age group,” stated study co-author Dirk Jan Stenvers from Amsterdam UMC hospital in the Netherlands.

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New studies have shown that exposure to too much evening blue light radiated from devices can affect the brain’s clock and the making of the sleep hormone melatonin which impacts on sleep time and comfort.

“Here we show very simply that these sleep complaints can be easily reversed by minimizing evening screen use or exposure to blue light. Based on our data, it is likely that adolescent sleep complaints and delayed sleep onset are at least partly mediated by blue light from screens,” Stenvers continued.

The verdicts were bestowed at the European Society of Endocrinology annual meeting, ECE 2019 in Lyon, France.

I know it’s hard to avoid phone in your spare time but choosing any activities over can help you to stay away from the phone.

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