Husbands Who Have Controlling Wives Live Longer and Good For Their Health Says The Study

Do you have a controlling wife? Instead of being sad you need to be happy because your lifespan can be longer if you have a controlling wife. There’s a famous phrase “happy wife, happy life” but a new study has found “controlling wife, healthier life” to be true. Previous studies have shown that spouses can affect each other’s health and longevity. However, this study shines some light on why wives who are in charge should be appreciated. We at POOPBITE have looked into this study to further understand why a husband can benefit from having a controlling spouse.

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Upbraiding wives can be good for their husbands.

Turns out that when men are unhappily married, they have a lower risk of developing diabetesaccording to a study led by a Michigan State University sociologist. Even if they do develop it, they have a higher chance of successful treatment, thanks to their wives.

Hui Liu, the lead researcher, said that this may be due to the fact that some wives constantly monitor their husbands’ health, especially if the husbands are in poor health or have diseases like diabetes that require frequent monitoring. However, the husbands may feel unhappy with the wives telling them what to do, which they may see as “nagging.”

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Since diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States, this finding is significant. The research, which analyzed survey results from 1,228 married people, aged 57 to 85 years old, over 5 years, challenges the assumption that an unhappy marriage equals bad health and hence a shorter life.

But wives are healthfuller in happy marriages.

The same study suggested that the reverse is true for women. A good marriage would mean a lower risk of being diabetic 5 years later. Women may be more sensitive than men to the quality of a relationship and thus more likely to experience a health boost from a good-quality relationship, said the researchers.

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Too much care does more infliction than good.

That being said, it was noted that too much control can also create overwhelming stress for spouses. Many studies have shown that unhappy marriages can be bad for the body, heart, and mind. And one particular study followed about 10,000 Danish, for 11 years, and concluded that those with demanding partners had a 50%-100% higher risk of early mortality than those who lived more peaceful lives.

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Point to be noted:

However, everything has their limit and here’s too. Overcoming emotional abuse by your husband is not an easy task. When all the positive interactions and professional interventions fail, it is time to rethink whether being in this relationship is detrimental to you or not. If your wife only blames you for all the wrongs in a relationship or thinks you are not good enough to sustain the quality of marriage, then you must check the signs of being in an abusive relationship. If you feel that the dominating nature of your wife is a sign of emotional, physical and verbal abuse, then it is the right time to walk out of a marriage and seek a divorce.

Identify, you are not a puppet to be controlled by your wife only. Marriage is all about the balance established and maintained by both husband and wife. If a dominant partner takes entire control in his hands, it disturbs the relationship dynamics, making a marriage toxic and unhealthy.

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