7 Home Quarantine Activities To Keep Yourself Entertained

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The spread of the COVID-19 disease has caused the world to go into self-quarantine. Governments all over the world are advising people to stay home and stay safe. 

While the quarantine is necessary, it is driving a lot of people to stir crazy. However, this could be the perfect time to finally finish reading or invest time in new hobbies. 

If you’re looking for ideas, here are some home quarantine activities you can do to keep yourself entertained during the self-isolation period.

Home Quarantine Activities To Keep Yourself Entertained During Self-Isolation

1. Movie Night

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One of the most obvious quarantine activities during is movie night. Sit down with a bucket of popcorn and enjoy a movie night in isolation. There is going to be no talking over your favorite parts during this movie night! Check out some amazing movies on Netflix or binge-watch the best shows on Amazon Prime. Hotstar users can also look forward to a horde of Disney+ content coming up on March 29th. Since the self-quarantine will continue at least until the end of March, these are all viable options to indulge in.

2. Put On Your Master Chef Hat

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Create that delectable feast you never had the time to get around to during your busy schedule. You could even try some easy and amazing Maggi recipes if you’re not much of a cook. However, this might also be the best time to build up your cooking skills and try something adventurous. However, if you’re looking to take this time to cultivate a healthier lifestyle, you can try out some healthy detox drinks and get into the fitness groove.

3. Set Up An Indoor Picnic

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Go old school and enjoy an indoor picnic. This is one of the home quarantine activities that the kids will love doing. Prepare a delicious picnic, prop up a blanket tent and enjoy a picnic day.

4. Free Online Courses

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Build upon your resume by taking on some online courses. This could be the perfect time to gain some new skills or perfect the ones you have. Get up to date with current trends and indulge your curiosity by taking up online courses. There are a wide variety of free courses available on online learning sites like Udemy. Even Ivy League universities like Yale are offering some online courses you can avail of.

5. Grow Your Own Plants

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One of the most satisfying home quarantine activities could be gardening. If you have a garden space, this could be the time to grow your own vegetables and take your first steps towards being self-sufficient. Even if you are short on space, you can grow herbs like basil, parsley, rosemary or mint that do not take up much space.

6. Get Active, Stay Fit

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Just because you are confined to your home, do not fall into an unhealthy lifestyle. Stay fit within the confines of your home with the help of health apps, online resources, and good old exercise. However, do be sure to research the exercises that you’re doing thoroughly as some of them may cause more harm than good. 

Even climbing the stairs a couple of times can provide health benefits. Even if you start with a short routine, it will help you in the long run. You can also aid your fitness regime by eating right and detoxing with health drinks.

7. Spend Family Time

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A family is the very essence of human society, irrespective of place, social system, culture, and ethos. Family, of which you yourself are an EQUAL member, is of utmost importance, no doubt. YOU form your family, along with other members, whom all of you accept and welcome. If YOU or another member is NOT there (move out), your erstwhile family adapts and CHANGES itself. It may then, at its discretion, may or may not accept you back again. Quitting a family is easy, joining back isn’t.

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