Health: Low Physical Exercise Creates Depression In Women

We often blame ourselves for having a low amount of food in comparison to others and despite getting fat. The theory is simple, the main reason is weak metabolism, and staying at home – no workout/exercise in a whole day also may cause to weaker the metabolism. Henceforth, stop blaming start doing the workout! But no physical activities has more bad effects on women bodies.
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Although several studies have previously linked distress in midlife women with self-reported low physical activity, this new study evaluates objective measures of physical performance in relation to depression and anxiety in premenopausal, perimenopausal, and postmenopausal women.
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Depression and anxiety are prevalent symptoms experienced by midlife women. This latest study of more than 1,100 women aged 45 to 69 years found, in fact, that 15 percent of participants, especially those of younger age, reported depression and or anxiety.

Some women say they don’t feel motivated without a training partner. Others think that to be useful, exercise must be painful, sweaty and grueling (which is not absolutely true). If you feel this way, find a training partner. You could also contact your local council or community center for information on exercise clubs in your area.

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For example, you could join a local walking group. Don’t just think of gyms and jogging. You might find dancing or roller-skating fun, or look up VicHealth’s TeamUp app to find others who share similar activity interests.

The research was published in the Journal of the North American Menopause Society. Because depression can cause disability, reduced quality of life, mortality, and heart disease, researchers felt it was important to identify potentially modifiable risk factors that could reduce morbidity and mortality.

Women who believe that child-rearing and domestic chores are ‘women’s work’ are less likely to take time to exercise – perhaps because they feel guilty taking time out for themselves. If you feel this way, think about your beliefs around women’s roles. It may be that sexism is one of your barriers. The most important way to look after others is to look after yourself first

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The study observed significant associations of objective physical performance measures with depression and anxiety. Specifically, they found that weak upper body strength (handgrip strength) and poor lower body strength (longer duration to complete the repeated chair stand test) were associated with elevated depression and/or anxiety symptoms.

It is never too late to take up exercise. Don’t think you’ve left it too late to start. Studies show that older people can achieve significant health benefits after just two to three months of regular exercise. As an added bonus, if you start being regularly active, your body will continue to benefit from exercise well into your 80s.

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