COVID-19: India’s Role In The Current Situation Is Important To The World

The heartbreaking scenes of thousands of migrant workers working for hundreds of kilometers to reach their home were enough to unsettle anyone, as we know that a strong and well-functioning India is absolutely required if the coronavirus has to be eradicated globally.

Yes! there is absolutely no way for the world to defeat this situation without India’s health and involvement.

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The global pharmaceutical supply chain heavily relies on India as 25% of all medicines in the UK are sourced from India. In Europe, India accounts for 26% of generic drug imports, 40% of generic drugs taken by Americans are made in India, and India’s massive pharmaceutical industry is the source of more than 50% of global demand for various vaccines.

Not only that in 2016 India was the top supplier to the United Nations with 804 million dollar sales in pharmaceuticals and medical services.

Despite that India currently has a limited number of coronavirus cases. Experts say that there is a risk for a disruption in the global drug supply chain if the infection arises in India. It is obvious that India will first want to look after its own people.

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In times such as this over-dependence on China for raw materials might be very tricky and that is why India has already taken their measures to increase its domestic production of raw materials for its pharmaceutical drug production.

All over the world at the frontline, it is the doctors and nurses who are going to win this battle for us. From the Middle East and Europe to America Indians are playing a key role.

India’s top supplier of doctors to both the UK and the USA. Indian companies have already launched a development initiative to discover the vaccine that can contain the novel coronavirus.

Serum Institute of India – which is the world’s biggest manufacturer of vaccines by a number of doses produced has signed a joint venture with US company Codagenix to work on a coronavirus cure.

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The Ahmedabad based Zydus Cadila is also trying to develop a vaccine. Many Indian companies businessmen and philanthropic institutions are also helping other countries survived a crisis. For example, Indian startup or hotels which are founded by Ritesh Agarwal has offered a free stay to doctors and nurses in America.

In terms when there is so much financial uncertainty Swapna Agarwal whose media capital owns and manages nearly 20,000 apartments in America has assured his 800 employees that they are going to receive their salaries on time.

Homeless in America for whom practicing social distancing can be challenging are also being helped and in New York, it was reported that six prepared and packed more than 30 thousand meals for those who are in cell violation.

Back in India, the situation is also very challenging but various individuals and institutions have come forward in so many ways. India’s DRDO has transferred the expertise and technology of the critical medical supplies – sanitizer, ventilator, and 99 masks and bodysuits to private players.

Also in an important breakthrough, it has successfully tested a multi patient-ventilator. Through this innovation several patients can be supported by a single ventilator, on the other hand, Mahindra and Mahindra are also developing an automated version of a bag valve mask ventilator which is going to cost only about a hundred dollars.

In Tamil Nadu, a startup is using drones to stray disinfectant and a Pune based startup Mylab discovery solutions are ready with a diagnostic kit that can screen and detect the infection within 2.5 hours.

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If the reservation centers and hospitals run out of space Indian Railways have also come up with an intelligent solution to convert the train coaches into isolation Ward’s.

All of this sounds very optimistic but it doesn’t mean that it is going to be an easy ride for India. Just a couple of days ago it was not able to successfully predict a migrant situation and this is only the beginning.

In this global fight, it is important that India looks after itself well so that it can also be prepared to serve other nations – which are going to depend on India’s vaccines and affordable drugs. After all, India is known as the pharmacy of the world and it is time to rise to the antecedent.

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