7 things India does better than the World

India is an incredible nation with an encouraging future and here are the 7 things India does better than the World.

1.Home Remedy

India has a home treatment for most of the medicine in the pharmacy. Some are more effective and some are very less. While tablets available in the Pharmacy has many side-effects but Ayurveda doesn’t have any kind of side effects. Alternative of medicine among the established wellness approaches in India is the ancient practice of Ayurveda. When the world had no treatments, India was enjoying treatments from Ayurveda. It is an ancient medical theory which used to treat the body as a whole.

2.Street Food.

India is a paradise for any local or foreigner foodies. 75% of spices in the world are exported from India. India has many more collection of street foods than anywhere in any nation.

3.Religious Structure

Sure the world has some majestic churches and Mosque but there is nothing like what Temples in India really dazzle.

4.Jugaad (DIY)

The talent of making do with what you have got is well expressed in India. Extremely DIY attempts are called Jugaad in India.


Indian knows how to make their room, Indian know how to maximize available transport you find it upsetting when there’s no room on the train. Well, in some parts of India, passengers take the full services of all possible place to sit or stand. Same goes for the other transport mode also.


Do doubt every nation has its own kind of dance style but in India, every state has their own kind of dance style. India is a country of home to literally thousands of dance forms. Classical dance in India is rich in symbolism and traditions which usually from south India and from North India, Punjabi folks which are fast-paced and Bollywood dance which can’t be ignored because you know, the world learns dance from Bollywood. Bollywood dance is an amalgamation of many different forms.


The involvement in Indian marriages are long and the process takes several days which allows connecting more with relatives and friends while weddings in rest of the world can be fancy festivities usually occur over a span of 5 hours.

What do you think India does the best?

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