5 Mistakes You Should Take Care Of Before Starting Fasting Again For The Better Results

Before starting any fast, one thing should be mentioned clearly that you don’t go for fast when you’re traveling or if you have heavy days-work.

“Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow”

Learn one thing before you go from hunger-strike for yourself, “Strength does not come from the physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” said, Mahatma Gandhi. There is, of course, the chance fasting may not work for you, everyone is different after all, but if you’re keen to give it a try or have been trying your best but not seeing results, here are five mistakes, according to Dr B.J Hardick, that you may be making that are putting you on the back foot.

Here are the 5 basic mistakes you could be doing before starting periodic fasting that is preventing you from seeing outcomes:

1. Going direct into a 24-hour or for more days fast is a big ask for anyone, and could lead to you being put off before you even begin. Instead, take it slowly by starting with a smaller fasting window and gradually increase it. The 16:8 ratio is one that most people find effective and manageable. Also, if you can follow the 5:2 ration in a week, in which you eat 5 days as usual and rest 2 days you can go on a proper fast.

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2. Before starting to fast, you set your fasting hours, that will help you to stay dedicated to your fast routine. During your fasting window, you should be consuming zero, or close to zero, calories, but it’s easy for them to accidentally slip in, which will end up breaking your fast and consequently putting you on the back foot. For example, generally speaking a cup of coffee or tea shouldn’t break your fast if it’s less than 50 calories – so if you’re having a black coffee with a dash of milk you’ll be fine, however if you’re someone who goes for that caramel latte to satisfies your sweet-tooth, unfortunately you’re probably breaking your fast. While a cup of black coffee won’t break you out of your fast, if you’re adding milk and sugar to the mix, you may be putting yourself on the back foot.

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3. However, when you’re on a diet which is going more or 24 hrs then stay away from body exercise. While many people tend to focus on diet and exercise to try and stay healthy, other crucial pieces of the puzzle include getting an optimal amount of sleep each night (ideally eight hours), looking after your mental health and stress levels and having a healthy social life. When all these aspects of your lifestyle are working together, you’re more likely to see enhanced results. Of course, no one diet or eating plan works for everyone, but if you’re wanting to give intermittent fasting a try, making sure you’re avoiding the aforementioned five common mistakes will help you determine whether intermittent fasting is for you. The Ministry of Health recommends talking to your GP before undertaking any major changes to your diet.

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4. On hunger-strike to oneself usually is a great way to moderate your food intake without having to count calories, however, for some people, breaking a fast can just be an excuse to consume high-calorie food, which is probably not doing you any favors. These kinds of food can send your blood sugar levels on a roller coaster as it spikes your insulin levels which can leave you feeling hungry and moody throughout your fasting hours. Even though you may not have to pay close attention to how many calories you consume, you should still be opting for healthy and nutritious food during your eating hours for optimal results – the Mediterranean diet has been proven to be one of the healthiest ways to eat because it’s very balanced and nutrient-rich with a big focus on healthy fats.

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5. It helps! Believe it or not, tracking what you eat and when you eat it can actually make a huge difference, with one study even showing that writing down everything you eat could actually help to double your weight loss. Tracking your food intake along with exercise, sleep patterns and general mood throughout the day can also help you find out where there might be areas that you can improve on.

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Just going through the fast is not the main script of the play, you also need to follow a proper way to break the fast, try have pureed fruits and mash potatoes at the beginning of fast-break.

“Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.”

Disclaimer: Without informing your doctor, we do not suggest to go on fast. It may be dangerous for your body!

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