Being Friend With Your Ex Is Reason That You Might Be Psychopath & Narcissist, Says Study

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If Lockdown has perforated you out of your gags and you feel the urge to text Ex back and “be friends” just for entertainment purposes, please don’t, read this whole story because that’s not a good idea!

Talking about research conducted at the Oakland University, someone with “dark personality traits” like narcissism, psychopathy, sadism, and Machiavellianism can remain friends with their ex, says an earlier report by Business Insider.

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I’m questioning some of my major life decisions right now. Researchers studied 861 subjects and their romantic histories. They were asked about their current partners and whether they were friends with an ex. They were then given a questionnaire to determine their “narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies”.

As it turns out, those who were friends with their ex had dark personality traits. They also had agendas to continue the friendship as well.

According to Independent“Apparently, psychopaths are more likely to keep exes around because they can provide the opportunity for access to resources such as sex, money, or information.”

A psychopath has the ability to “employ false charm”, a skill with which they can end a relationship but still choose to enjoy relationship-benefits with the disguise of “friendship”. Such people have a lack of empathy, are selfish, and their actions are “purely self-motivated”.

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Dr. Paulette Sherman, who is a psychologist, said “Dating is hard enough without everyone thinking that every time your ex wants to stay friends that they have psychopathic tendencies or motivations in mind. Having said this, it is an interesting finding in that it points to the intentions of some people for continuing that relationship.” 

He added, “They may be interested in doing so for selfish motives like continuing access to sex, information or other practical gains. They may not be thinking of the emotional impact on their ex.” 

Next time if your ex says, “I’d really like for us to stay friends”, turn a 180-degrees and run for your life and never look back. 

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