35 Things You Can Do At Home During Lockdown

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A 21-day lockdown was announced by PM Narendra Modi to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus. During this lockdown, common men and celebs are discovering themselves and showing their hidden talents. While some are cooking, some are singing songs and some are painting. 

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We are here with a list of things that you can do at home during this time of social distancing and quarantine to chase the boredom.

The ‘Do List’ at during home quarantine

1. Dance

Dance is the best workout. You can start dancing and try any dance form-be it Bollywood, salsa, hip-hop anything.

2. Try a new recipe

There are lots of YouTube videos on cooking. So you can try and make some new recipes for desserts and or any sweet dish.

3. Learn a new language

Learning different languages is great. What can be the best time than this? You can learn Spanish, French, German and whatever you like from YouTube and Duolingo.

4. Paint

Have you ever tried your hands on painting? Do try and you can follow the tutorials on YouTube. There are lots of videos on how to do a portrait, abstract painting and a lot more.

5. Be a TikToker

I know many of you don’t like Tik Tok. But this can be the best way to chase your boring day. Download TikTok and see you can also act.

6. Learn to sing on Singing App

Are you a bathroom singer or ever felt conscious to sing in front of others? Online singing apps can be of the best help. You can download an app like Smule and you can be a singer too.

7. Try clicking photos

Try your photography skills during this time of social distancing. You can try this at home and in your society but make sure you don’t go out to click.

8. Learn a musical instrument

Music lovers can learn a musical instrument at this time.

9. Video call your school friends

Missing your school friends? Video call is the best option to connect with them.

10. Write a poem/short story

Develop your writing skills by writing poems or short stories.

11. Try make-up tutorial

If you love doing make-up, you can record video doing a make-up tutorial.

12. Open a YouTube channel

Depending on what you like, you can open a YouTube channel and be a YouTuber.

13. Meditate

Meditation will help you to be calm and take less stress

14. Clean your home

Cleaning cleanses your inner soul. So try cleaning your home

15. Read books

Is there any book on your bookshelf that you haven’t read yet? Read one and that can be your favorite pastime.

16. Play video games

Download cool video games and play with your friends, family or siblings.

17. Learn embroidery

All you need is a needle and colorful threads.

18. Learn how to make pickle

Making pickles is an art and very few can master it. Ask help from your mom or grandmom to teach some of their recipes.

19. Cut your hair

As all the salons and parlors are closed, try to cut your own hair if they have grown.

20. Skincare

Try making scrub at home and do the skincare routine at home.

21. Do yoga

Yoga can heal a lot and also helps in keeping you in shape.

22. Learn to make greeting cards

Try learning homemade greeting cards and you can gift to your friends, family on Christmas, New Year or any occasion.

23. Clean your refrigerator

Remove the unwanted stuff from your refrigerator.

24. Play cards

You can play Poker, blackjack, solitaire, and rummy.

25. Try making jewelry

If you love wearing homemade jewelry, you can try making some by yourself.

26. Bake

Bake a cake for your family.

27. Arrange your cupboard

Re-arrange your cupboard and give the unused stuff to the needy.

28. Feed stray dogs

During this time of lockdown, stray dogs are also not getting enough food. So, you can feed them with the leftovers instead of throwing them.

29. Learn magic

You can learn magic with cards and there are tutorials on YouTube.

30. Play Antakshari

Antakshari can be a great pastime.

31. Clean your garden or lawn area

As the sweeper is not coming to your place due to the lockdown, clean it by yourself and see how good you will feel.

32. Wash your soft toys

If you have soft toys at home, clean them all.

33. Improve your gardening skills

Water your plants and take good care of them.

34. Play indoor games

You can play Carrom, Ludo, Chess

35. Talk to your EX

Ask your Ex about your breakup and how’s their life going!

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