The Body Part You Wash First Reveals About Your Personality

We all lead to the shower after getting fresh in the morning. We start our day with bathing. Even we never recognize it but there is a ritual, we all start with washing a certain part of the body. Our subconscious mind makes this decision and this speaks a lot about our personality. Let’s talk about what this says.


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Washing your face in the very first reveals that you are very much concerned about how people perceive you. Therefore, you tend to do the utmost care of what people see first- The Face. This means that you are anxious about what people think about you. You are the type of person who doesn’t like to hear bad things about yourself.

Neck and Shoulders

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This kind of person generally owns the medal of an overachiever. Commonly, you like hard work and competition. If others are reaching to the moon, then you will try for the stars too. This shows the go-getter attitude of a person. You like to be a step further from others.

Arms, Feet or Legs First

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This type of person is more likely to be humble and down to earth. But wait, there is another side of it too. These parts are also symbols of strength and willpower. Washing your feet first reveals that you are concerned about the rights of every living thing in this world. If you go for the armpits first, then you are a reliable and trustworthy person in your social circle.


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Excited to know? haha, maybe you are… lol. Let me tell you that the person who washes their privates first is most likely to be very Shy. You can say yourself an introvert or sadly the one with low self-esteem. However, the persons who know you closely also know that you are a genuine person. You make them feel comfortable in your company.


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Washing your hair in the starting reveals that the person likes discipline and order. Washing head also indicates that you have a great opinion about everything. You are a practical person. This also denotes your strength and punctuality. You use the brain more efficiently and choose your friends wisely.

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