Best Foods That Can Help To Recover From Dengue & What To Avoid

Dengue – a viral fever affects around 390 million people every year worldwide. This mosquito-borne infection was first recognized in the year 1950s during the dengue epidemic in the Philippines and Thailand. The infection is transmitted by female Aedes aegypti mosquito, the same mosquito that is responsible for transmitting chikungunya, yellow fever, and Zika infection.

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If you have dengue fever, you will experience symptoms like headaches, vomiting, rashes, pain behind your eyes, joint pain, etc. In severe cases, you also experience abdominal pain, bleeding gums, and nose, difficulty in breathing, fatigue, etc. Notably, living or traveling to tropical areas and prior dengue infection can increase your risk of developing the condition. For its diagnosis, medical history is asked, and some blood tests are conducted.

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If not treated on time, it may develop to complications like high blood pressure, lung disease, shock, stroke, and in fact death. For its treatment, doctors basically focus on reducing the symptoms. In dengue, your blood platelets count decreases significantly and that is why your body becomes unable to fight against the infection.

Here, we tell you about certain fruits that can potentially increase your blood platelets.

1. Amla

Being a good source of antioxidants and vitamin C, Amla can help you get rid of the condition causing fall in your blood platelets to count. This means that it indirectly helps you.

2. Papaya

Both papaya and its leaves can potentially help to increase the count of your blood platelets, says research conducted at the Asian Institute of science and technology.

3. Orange

One of the best citrus fruits for a dengue patient to consume is this. The orange juice is packed with energy and vitamins. The orange juice is great for digestion, which helps to increase the urinary output and consequently promotes antibodies for faster recovery.

4. Porridge

When one is trying to battle this deadly virus, consuming porridge will help provide strength to the dengue patient. Porridge is also easy to swallow and contains a lot of health benefits.

5. Lemon Juice

To help remove the toxins from the body due to the dengue virus, lemon juice is highly effective. It helps to get the virus excreted via urine, thus reducing its load in the body. And this especially necessary since a patient on a usual dengue diet is prohibited to intake oily & spicy foods which impact the taste of the mouth, making the patient crave for something which improves it. Lemon juice is a great substitute for achieving that.

6. Carrots

Being rich in vitamin A and proteins, carrots can definitely help you in this regard.

7. Pomegranate

This red fruit is rich in nutrients that are known to boost the count of blood platelets.

8. Coconut Water

The best part is we get this everywhere. The patient must drink a lot of coconut water as it replenishes electrolytes, minerals and other trace minerals lost by the body to dehydration.

9. Herbal Tea

For those who are suffering from dengue fever, the best way to reduce the fever is by drinking natural herbal teas. Herbal tea made from ginger or cardamom can help to a great extent.

10. Vegetable Juices

We just need to stock up our refrigerators with tons of vegetables. The juices of carrots, cucumber, and other green leafy vegetables are a blessing in this time. Experts state that pure organic vegetable juices can provide all the basics of human nutrition and help for a speedy recovery for the dengue patient.

11. Other Fruit Juices

A good amount of Vitamin C foods for dengue fever is a must. Vitamin C is the single most important nutrient for the immune system and essential for the formation of adrenal hormones. Fruits like strawberries, guava, kiwi and papaya help in the production of lymphocytes. It also has a direct effect on bacteria and viruses.

12. Protein Rich Foods

Foods for dengue fever should contain large amounts of proteins. Milk, eggs and other dairy products should be consumed as proper meals. Dengue patients can also have a good amount of fish and chicken to defeat this virus.

What To Avoid:

The path to recovery after a dengue attack is not going to be very easy. While there are no specific dietary restrictions, you can make matters easy by adhering to a diet that is less oily and spicy at least for a few days.

Also, make it a point to consume food items that are easy to digest. Non-vegetarian food is a strict “No”. Up your fluid intake and consume warm water instead of normal water.

What makes the above list even more important is the fact that the world is yet to discover a specific treatment or vaccine for dengue. It is curable indeed, but the process is gradual and hence it is absolutely mandatory that the patient follows an appropriate diet which accelerates the recovery. It is not difficult to pin dengue down, we just have to eat sufficiently and eat right.

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