17 Most Exceptional Situations Every People Faces With Their Siblings!

While most of us have probably joked about how great it would be to have grown up as an only child, if we are being totally honest, we know that our childhoods would have been significantly less fun without our brothers and sisters. They may have given you wedgies on the regular, constantly laid the blame on you in front of your parents, and borrowed your clothes without asking… but hey, you still loved them despite all their annoying tendencies.

And sometimes, we miss those old loving memories and sometimes wishes to get those days back. We at PoopBite have collected some situations that make all siblings say, “Hey, this is about us!”

1. “Bought my brother tree trimmers for Christmas, built a cardboard frame around them and wrapped them like this.”

Image: Hamster_Passion/reddit

2. A photo showing what it means to be a younger brother

Image: Doge/reddit

3. Each inch counts.

Image: FlyFM958/twitter

4. “My brother decided to wake me up like this.”

Image: ChimerathonPsych/reddit

5. “Why is your sister in a cage?”
– “We’re playing lions at the zoo!”

Image: Kate_Chastain/twitter

6. She probably doesn’t like it.

Image: gursmo7/reddit

7. You only have 1 minute.

Image: FlyFM95/twitter

8. “I just told my sister she ate an intestine.”

Image: Cleavily/reddit

9. When your older brother is learning to drive:

Image: Adam95GTS/ reddit

10. When you fall asleep first, remember that it’s not safe.


11. “I barely touched you!”

Image: bellaggordon/twitter

12. Younger brother reactions

Image: MsLunaValentine/reddit

13. “Can’t stop laughing at my sister.”

Image: Huey13/reddit

14. When your sister asks you to make her some food too:

Image: delaynemassey/twitter

15. “Do you really think this is enough to fill a bowl?”

Image: LilyPurslow/twitter

16. You can’t help photobombing your sister’s photos.

Image: HannahLeigh0/twitter

17. “I texted my younger brother during graduation to remind him that full-time employment is right around the corner.”


Do any of these moments ring a bell with you? Siblings are also the only people on the planet who can exactly relate to your upbringing, your parents, and your entire family dynamic. Blood runs thick, and considering that your sibling comes from the same two people you come from, this holds especially true. Share these quotes with them on National Sibling Day.

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