1 Of 50 People Finding Their Love In-Flight, Claims Study

It is an unwritten rule that the person sitting in the middle seat owns the armrests, while the window seat gets the window and aisle seat gets the open end of the passage. However, there are still people who would fight for the armrest. Apart from fighting for armrests, maybe the love of your life is waiting for you on board!

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According to a recent study which is done by HSBC – found that 1 in 50 airplane passengers meet the love of their life on an aircraft. Well, the other 49 probably dispute for rear seat kickers, smelly co-passengers, sear recliners or armrest fighters!

The researches interviewed 2,150 people from 141 countries asking them about the likelihood of meeting “the one” and falling in love in the air, 30,000 ft above the ground. Moreover, around 6,000 people from Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and the United Kingdom were additionally asked about their flying habits as well. The study also tells that around 50% of the passengers had repeatedly started up a conversation with a co-passenger on the plane.

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Building new relationships are however not just confined to romantic angles but the study has also found that 1 in 7 passengers have developed a long lasting friendship on an aircraft. The study also suggests that 16% of interviewed passengers added a new business connection to their network. Apart from these aspects, the study also found out the things that probably freak the fliers out.

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About 48% of surveyed passengers did not like their fellow passengers removing their shoes. 65% were annoyed if another traveler was rude to a flight and drinking was a straight no for 46% of them. Followed by occupying all the space in the overhead locker (37%), fighting over the armrest (32%), falling asleep on someone’s shoulder (30%) and snoring (26%).

Have you ever met annoying passengers on a flight? Or love?

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