Student Creates Sexy ‘Period-Proof’ Lingerie That Won’t Leak For 18 Months!

The average menstrual cycle lasts 28 days. The variability of menstrual cycle lengths is highest for women under 25 years of age and is lowest, that is, most regular, for ages 25 to 39. Subsequently, the variability increases slightly for women aged 40 to 44. Women will agree when I say that we have two types of underwear in our closets – The regular pretty looking ones which are kept and worn with the utmost care and a pile of sturdy ‘period-panties’ which lie in the corner, only to be taken out when the bloody week strikes!

Period-panties are our most trusted companions. They might not look sexy but they do the job pretty well. However, menstruating days force to put on loosest pajamas and tees (because of stains!) making look quite the opposite of attractive.


If you happen to miss wearing your sexiest underwear for that one week a month, then we may have a solution for you. Design student, Sian Hickey, has created a range of ‘period proof’ lingerie that looks nothing like our regular time of the month attire


According to the source, Sian created the range for her final year project at Leicester De Montfort University. She says that the underwear can be worn without a sanitary napkin or even a tampon because they have a 100% blood absorbancy. They can be washed and worn for up to 18 months!


“All the period-proof pants that had been done before weren’t that attractive. I wanted to try and make period proof lingerie that I’d be proud to wear, something that makes people feel sexy despite the fact they’re on their period”, she said.


This might be an inspiration to innerwear companies!

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