Importance Of Friends In Life: Hanging Out Together Is The Mark Of A Good Mental Health

Life is one’s experience throughout their lifetime. How they overcome the challenge they face that’s life. Life is not about competition, life is about helping one another helping someone overcome their fears and doubts that’s an experience right? Life is about appreciating what you have for instance beggars even though they are poor, unfortunate they appreciate living, they never give up sitting on their same spot all day they might be thinking ‘life is cruel’ but do they step down from their struggle? [Also read, Low Physical Exercise Creates Depression In Women]

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No instead they cope with it and make sure they conquer it that’s what life is about. Sometimes life is cruel, unfair that it destroys most people. But after we all we need friends in our life with whom we can share our love and pain!

Sometimes, it is difficult to find a friend but even harder to keep them throughout your life. According to statistics, we meet about 400 friends in our lifetime, but only 33 of them stay with us over time. And all of these people are important for us, to not only tell them news or to discuss the latest movies, but to spend the evening with. They affect our health and hanging out with them has a far greater effect than just having a good time. [Also read, Women Who Never Married, Don’t Have Kids Are The Happiest & Live Longer]

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We at PoopBite would like to tell you about the health benefits you get from hanging out with friends. You can carefully study them and share this information with your buddies the next time you hang out together. And believe us, after you read this you’ll want to do it more often. More! [Also read, Exercise Vs Diet: What is More Important For Weight Loss?]

Buddies help you develop the skills of putting yourself in someone’s else shoes. Sometimes you get competition & that encourages you. You become more empathetic and you can better understand other people. And this is what makes us human. At the same time, understanding helps you to experience less negative emotions, which is good for your psychological state. You may be surprised, but friends influence you to visually evaluate things. Or rather, friends can help you see difficult and challenging things as less intimidating.

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According to research, people who stood at the base of a steep hill with friends rated the hill as less perpendicular in comparison with those who were alone. Social connections have a positive effect on your physical health. One study found that body mass index, blood pressure, and some other indicators were worse in people who experienced loneliness. The risk of inflammation was lower among people who had an active social life.

Also, your friends and strong social relationships decrease the risk of premature death. Friends help reduce stress and make it easier to survive dark times. Isolation and loneliness affect your health adversely and lead to severe stress. The constant stress that accompanies you due to the lack of close people can bring deterioration of your body and cause disease. Friends help you to avoid dementia.

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According to research, older people who feel lonely have a higher risk of developing this disease. Cognitive functions can become worse when there are no social relationships. And friends help you develop, inspire you to stay interested in new things, and the communication between you can help your brain stay sharp.

“Our health care system and society are increasingly recognizing loneliness as a serious public health problem, but clinicians are often unprepared to properly access and manage lonely patients,” said Nathan Stall, lead researcher of the study, and a research fellow at the University of Toronto and Women’s College Research Institute, and a geriatrician at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Ontario.

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Earlier studies have also advised how loneliness rivals obesity and smoking. In a survey conducted by health insurer Cigna, it was found that widespread loneliness was prevalent with nearly half of Americans reporting they feel alone, isolated, or left out at least some of the time. Between the ages of 23-37 years and 18-22 years, it was found that loneliness was at its peak.

The study highlights that every fifth senior citizen in the country is in need of some kind of psychological counseling. “It does not only weaken their mental health but also affects physical health in old age,” the study considered.

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Now you know! It’s important to keep in touch with friends and hang out with them as often as practicable. Therefore leave all your reasons, clear your calendar, and hang out with your dear friends. Create new memories, share joy, and strengthen your connection.

“Kyunki Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai”, which loosely translates in English, “Every Friend Is Important”.

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