Women Sleep Better With Dogs Than With Their Partners, Study Reveals

Dogs increase your mood dramatically! Spending just 15-30 minutes with your dog can help you feel more calm and relaxed, reducing stress and increasing happiness. There’re many animals which are suits to be pet but getting a furry friend, look no further. Dogs have always been “man’s best friend”, but it turns out they can also be a woman’s best sleeping partner as illustrated by a study.

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Before we kick our notable others out of bed, we at PoopBite decided to understand why women get a better night’s sleep if they snuggle up with a pup.

According to the, In a new study of 962 American women done by researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, more than half of the women surveyed about 55 percent share their bed with one or more dogs, and 31 percent share with one or more cats, nearly as many women as the 57 percent that share their bed with a human partner.


Compared to women sleeping with a cat or a human, those sleeping near a dog reported higher levels of comfort and security. This is most likely because dogs are known for their ability to protect their owners and deter any intruders. Unlike cats and humans, they are able to warn their owners about potential danger much sooner and more effectively.

Dogs can also encourage healthier sleeping patterns with their owners. Unlike cats, they spend 75% of the night sleeping and have a significantly lower nocturnal activity level. So sorry cat lovers, but sleeping with your cat is just as disruptive as sleeping with a human. In addition, cats scored the lowest when it came to feelings of security and comfort.


However, another study found that rather than sleeping directly next to your dog, both men and women tend to rest better with their dog in the same room. This is also a great way to spend more quality time with your furry friends if you’re gone most of the day for work, even if they’re not napping directly next to you.

Since 93 percent of the people surveyed were pet owners, researchers weren’t able to establish a significant difference in sleep quality between pet owners and non-pet owners, but if you already own a pet and struggle with feelings of anxiety that keep you awake, that might be a signal that it’s time to let the puppy into your bed or time to kick the cat out of the bedroom.

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