Why Smart Women Stay Single For The Longest? Know 8 Reasons Behind Of It

The reality is that being single can actually be better. While it’s nice to have someone to love, cuddle, and support you when things get scary, there’s nothing more exciting and fulfilling than the relationship you have with yourself. You get to do things on your terms, by your watch, and others are damned.

There may be pluses to getting married, but it can also be a bit overrated. Instead, being single for as long as possible is, at least for some women, the way to go. Here are the reasons why the best women stay single the longest. You just might realize you’re one of them.

Looks like we have cracked the myth behind why best women often stay single the longest:

1. Men often think a smart woman is not in her range to approach,

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When men see a beautiful, independent, and smart woman, they are not as enthusiastic about taking the first step, because they think that this unusual woman can’t possibly be single. Plus no one wants to get rejected. And most of the women will never take the first step because they already do enough by themselves in their life.

2. Smart women have very high measures.

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When you earn your own money, have a degree or 2, take care of your appearance, and develop yourself in other fields, you expect a man who won’t bring you down to a lower level of your life. You can’t accept a man who doesn’t appreciate your efforts. It is not possible to tolerate low standards, because they can’t bring you a better life. It’s easier to stay single and continue to just take care of yourself.

3. Smart Women are starting to love their option and free time more.

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So now instead of cooking at home for a husband and several kids after office work, women just prefer to spend their time on themselves. It seems more attractive to go to a spa, a beauty salon, shopping or a master class of self-development than to take care of kids or clean up after a man.

4. Smart women don’t think in fairytales anymore.

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Yes, the level of trust of a woman toward a man is much lower because of modern standards and the era of consumption. Nobody wants to have a broken heart, and how many stories have we heard about women being betrayed? We’ve watched movies since childhood where a woman is a self-made business lady who runs her own company or is just super successful at work in general. The modern world gives us modern priorities and we accept them.

5. Smart women are self-governing.

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Women have been fighting for their rights and are changing the world. More and more women get jobs that are on par or better than men and become independent. They don’t need to ask men anymore for help with physical work because they can simply call service and pay money. And sometimes it is faster than waiting for your husband to fix a problem.

6. Smart women began liking alternative relationships.

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Nowadays we are not afraid to show our preferences in relationships. We can live as we see fit and nobody will judge us like before when we pick a partner of the same gender or have a free relationship. Obviously, this leads to people not getting married and just living together instead.

7. Smart Women are becoming more emotionally calm.

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When people tell jokes about strong single women with cats, it is actually not a joke. Women have become stronger, more emotionally stable, and more educated. The modern world gives them approximately the same opportunities as guys. It affects their psychology. You are not afraid to stay single without a means of sustenance. You would be better off waiting for an equal person, than sharing a bed with a man who you don’t love or don’t respect.

8. Smart Women are busy building an empire.

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While others have a job, a smart woman thinks more about her career and it’s important for her to focus on that and then she goes as far as she can in it.

Relationships can be wonderful, but they are also ‘work’. And sometimes it’s nice to take some time off from that kind of work. But that doesn’t mean that one day, we won’t put on our swimsuits and jump back in the dating pool, we may just stay in the shallow end for a while. Write a comment below if you have more reason about why gorgeous women stay single for years.

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