Tourism: 10 Best Iconic Places To Hangout In Mumbai

Mumbai have no winter effects. In the case of weather, this part of the country remains the same throughout the year. While all these feelings make us feel warm on the inside, we all know that work pressure is not going to give you time for sitting on a rocking chair with a hot cup of tea and romancing with nature for hours during the monsoon. But certainly, a day from our weekends can be used to have a quick getaway from all the hustle of work life.

Mumbai is crowded (well-established fact), everyone is in a hurry, roads are moving non-stop despite heavy traffic. In between this chaos, you can always find beauty if you are attentive enough. While Mumbai remains to be tagged as ‘City that never sleeps’, Mumbai has those places in and around to give you better alternatives during the rains better than sleeping. Mumbai has to offers from sea to beach, from rich neighborhood to poor, one can shut their starving in Rs.10 to Rs.15, whereas in some 5-star hotels sometimes not possible to have a cup of tea in Rs.500. Diversity!

Best places to hangout in Mumbai:

1. Gateway Of India

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This place is like a hallmark of Mumbai to recognize, Gateway of India remains the most iconic places in Mumbai. The sea across, open space and the beautiful drizzle of the rains is something one must not miss. And obviously, how can a true Mumbaikar miss out on freshly roasted corn-on-cob. The lit-up Taj Hotel in the evenings is surely a sight to see.

2. Palm Beach Road

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Palm Beach Road is a 6 lane path with a stretch of 10 kilometers. The trees all along the entire stretch of tar are breathtaking. A long drive along the lanes is sure to clear your mind from all sorts of stress and tension. It has been rightly said that fresh air can clear minds. However, The areas near to the road are frequented by wetland birds. Illegal dumping of debris in the area is said to drive them away.

3. Juhu Beach

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Juhu Beach remains one of the most visited and loved places in the ‘City of dreams’ aka Mumbai. The beach is known for its street food mainly Pav bhaji and the sunsets. Rains will just increase the fun and adventure. And the best part of this beach is that it enjoys a uniform climate throughout the year. In summers the maximum temperature reaches 35 °C and the minimum temperature is 25 °C. The weather is pleasant in winter.

4. Bandstand

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Bandstand is a 1.2-kilometer long walkway along the sea on the western coast of Mumbai in the neighborhood of Bandra. Bandstand is located in Bandra and is a very popular place in the rains. people sit over the rocks and have a great time. During the rains, the steps are covered with water. Hot street food is just the perfect complement in the damp weather.

5. Marine Drive

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Marine Drive is a 3.6-kilometer-long! Marine Drive located close to the Nariman Point. The place has been named as the Queen’s necklace. But the place has an added shine during the rains because of the wet roads. Long strolls during the rains are perfect for relieving stress. One shouldn’t muss sunset in Nariman Point which is close by.

6. Karnala Bird Sanctuary

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It’s not located in the main city! Karnala Bird Sanctuary is located alongside Karnala Fort located in Karnala close to Panvel. It has a lot of migratory birds coming in during the rains. It is a popular place for treks during monsoon.

7. Lonavala

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Lonavala is located in a place surrounded by hills. The place has a few Buddhist Shrines in the Karla Caves and the Bhaja Caves located there. It also has the popular Bhushi Dam where the water overflows in the dam and falls over the steps.

8. Worli Sea Face

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One of the most iconic bridges in the world – Bandra-Worli sea link is obviously a sight to see. But then the Worli Sea face is a wonder in itself. The waves crashing to the rocks while we sit on the rocks eating hot corn-on-cob is a vivid experience in itself.

9. Powai lake

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Amidst greens and trees all around, this artificial lake is a perfect and secluded getaway. With huts all around, it has a rustic touch to the entire look.

10. Pandavkada

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Pandavkada is a popular waterfall located in Kharghar at the Kharghar hills. The waterfall, about 107 meters high is a type of ‘plunge’ waterfall in nature pouring in massive amounts of water on the rocky surface below. History says that the Pandavas once visited the waterfalls and bathed there once. The place is surrounded by beautiful hill and is a perfect getaway for all those water babies in town.

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