Weight Loss: How Hormones Can Cause Fat – Here’s What You Can Do to Lose It

What’s it like to be fat? It’s a struggle to get up in the morning. You have aches and pains in places, someone, your age shouldn’t have. Your back hurts, your feet hurt. Your joints. Walking a far distance seems easy in theory, you remember being able to do it before.

More often time a fat person trying to cut their flesh but due to not of strong commitment they fail, sometimes hormones are also responsible for the same. [Also read, Living On ‘Junk Food’ May Higher The Risk Of Colorectal Cancer!]

If you have been losing your determination over not losing weight, it might be a sign of a possible hormonal issue.

Here are 5 signs that you need to consider, like, now:

1. Sugar Cravings

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Sugar, or known scientifically as Glucose or Carbohydrates, is a form of energy used by the body. Having a dessert craving once a week is okay but when it happens more frequently, take note – your estrogen levels might be off the charts. When the body becomes insulin resistant, it can also impact other hormones in your body, including leptin, which essentially helps alert your body when it is full. When leptin levels are elevated, it stops working accordingly and the brain no longer receives signals to stop eating. Hence, you tend to eat more than usual and become vulnerable to gaining weight quickly. [Also read, What Is Best Time To Eat Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner? Why Is Food Timing Matters?]

2. Stresse More Often?

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The most dangerous characteristic of stress is that your body gets used to it on a daily basis letting it grow within. That’s why it is also referred to as “Silent Killer”. Stress is one of the biggest tell-tale signs of a sudden weight gain. And, the problem is much worse than simple – stress eating. When the body undergoes a high level of stress, cortisol level shoot up which then send the body into a survival mode of sorts, signaling it to store more fat instead of burning it. It can also happen when you undergo bouts of anxiety.

3. Trouble Falling Asleep?

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The pursuit of a good night’s sleep has almost become a dark obsession for most of us. As per studies, 100 million approximately individuals suffer from sleep disorders, which interfere with daily functioning and affect health in the worst ways. Keeping your bedtime habits in check is vital. But, when you are unable to sleep even though you are exhausted or tired, it is a reminder that your hormones are not right. Insomnia, exhaustion mess up your hormones and activate stress hormones.

4. Mood Swings Getting You Down?

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We all suffer from mood swings but do you know, it can also spice up your weight off the charts, especially in women while they are going through the menopausal years. This is because estrogen, an important reproductive hormone fluctuates and bring bodily changes, including weight gain which can be even harder to fight off. This makes women more prone to anxiety, depression and mood disorders than men.

Here’s a quick flowchart:
Thoughts → Emotions→Feeling(Mood)→Attitude→ Actions/Words → Habits→ Sum total of a person’s habits is personality→ Personality determines Destiny.

5. Eating Healthy, Yet Having A Bad Waistline

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How to cut waistline? The short answer is to clear your diet of processed foods, flours and sugars. Daily exercise and fresh water (drink half your weight in ounces as a starting point) are important. But sometimes the answers differ – If the above sentence doesn’t work for you, it is time to consult a doctor. Your hormones might be imbalanced. This could also be a major reason for weight gain if you have been keeping fit for the longest time and yet have a belly. [Also read, High Protein Plus Low Carb Kiwi Smoothie Can Exude A Few Pounds]

According to experts, as we grow, the body can become immune to insulin and stop burning fat. This is mainly because of spiked-up estrogen levels, which can promote insulin resistance. When you don’t sleep well, naturally, the body gets tired too. Hormones are vital for muscle building and getting in shape lose their efficacy. Higher than usual levels of cortisol can also impact your thyroid levels, making you gain kilos easy.

How to overcome the situation?

The only way to improve your hormonal mismatch is to keep your lifestyle habits in control. Sleeping well, paying attention to diet and fighting off anxiety in everyday situations and also exercising regularly can do the trick. When your hormones work well, fighting weight issues can convert a much easier task.

The bitter truth, “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.”

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