Sex Position You Should Try With According To Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology is a wonderful science which can give you great insights about your life. It’s amazing how your birth chart can throw light on all your major life events. Personally, I think its God’s gift to take note of what’s coming ahead and being careful accordingly. [Also read, 10 Easy Ways to Feel Happier In Life, Based On The Best Research]

When it comes to amazing, toe-curling, soul-shaking sex, sometimes it seems as if the stars have to be in perfect alignment to make it happen. Well, we are here with an imagined sex position with according to horoscope. However, we don’t claim it to the right if your partner demands always extra!


Your go-to move: Cowgirl

Aries women love taking control, and taking the reins and putting on a bit of a show is a huge turn-on for Rams, who love seeing just how excited they can make their partner.

If you’re having sex with an Aries partner… Hold them down and pleasure every last inch of them. While Rams crave control, taking control away can be a refreshing change of pace. Holding your partner’s wrists down gently as you tease them with your mouth and bring them to the edge of orgasm frustrates Rams in the most delicious way possible.


Your go-to move: Missionary

Bulls like it traditional and traditional can feel oh so good. For an added twist, experiment with different sensations. Raking your fingernails down their back or gently pulling their hair gives them a sassy and sweet combination they can’t resist.

If you’re having sex with a Taurus partner… Shower sex and Taurus go hand-in-hand. This sign loves every inch of your body is pampered, and adding water into the mix can make you tingle from head to toe. Add lube, too, for a slippery sensation you won’t soon forget.


Your go-to move: Couch Surfer

Not a position, we know. But as a Gemini, you’re someone who’s very in touch with the many personalities that make you-you, role play is a deliciously seductive way to explore your fantasies. Don’t just break it out in the bedroom. If you’re shy, starting the roleplay through texting, by calling your partner Sir or Miss, can be a hot way to explore different sides of yourself. Add costumes, makeup, and even an accent, and see where it leads you.

If you’re having sex with a Gemini partner… Gemini loves trying something new. A toy can add an infusion of novelty into your sex life. Try looking for one together; even the act of going into a sex toy shop can be incredibly hot.


Your go-to move: CAT

Sensitive Cancer, you love eye contact. The best position for your personal fireworks is the Coital Alignment Technique or CAT. How to do it: The woman keeps her legs together as the man (or partner acting as the man) straddles her. Because her thighs are together, the man will only be able to penetrate an inch or so, perfectly positioning him to stimulate her G-spot. We don’t need to remind you to look into each other’s eyes because that’s one of the best parts.

If you’re having sex with a Cancer partner… Instead of waiting to get into bed, climb on top of them while they’re vegging on the couch and indulge in a PG makeout session. Starting fully clothed, then moving onto grinding, is the best way to give the delicious buildup sensual Cancer loves so much.


Your go-to move: Doggy

There’s no way around it, Leo love doggy style. An animalistic and primal position that lets you lose self-control is ideal for you, Lions. Sure, you also love the after-sex spooning session and are all about feeling the intimacy, but sometimes, what you crave is just a carnal release, no eye contact required.

If you’re having sex with a Leo partner… Let them take the lead. Lying in bed, legs spread, is an absolutely irresistible invitation to a dominant Lion to do exactly what they want. Or just attack them as you walk in the door. Pulling off their pants, grabbing their shirt, and slightly grazing your teeth against their neck will make any Leo roar.


Your go-to move: Oral

Virgo gets the unfair rep of being prissy, but as you know, you’re anything but. Still, you believe sex is beautiful, and you love taking your time leading up to the action. Begin with a lot of oral, something Virgo can’t get enough of. Trying a flavored lube, or having your partner lick honey off your stomach can lead you to next level bliss.

If you’re having sex with a Virgo partner… Earthy Virgos love indulging in all their senses during sex, and part of that is the absence of certain sensations. Gently tie a blindfold around your partner’s eyes or put headphones over their ears; blocking out sensations will make them all the more focused on your touch.


Your go-to move: Iron Chef

For air sign Libra, sex doesn’t need to be physical, it all begins in the brain. Start a slow burn by texting your steamiest fantasies to your partner, then hop on the phone to get things moving, the more turned on your brain is, the more you’ll be ready for the main event. As far as positions, you love keeping things classic to start, and are all about warming up with a favorite tried-and-true position, then trying something new.

If you’re having sex with a Libra partner… Libras are incredibly aural. They love hearing what’s going to be done before it happens, and ratcheting up anticipation with a breathy promise will take them over the edge even before you touch them.


Your go-to move: Anywhere That Isn’t in Bed

Intense and passionate, Scorpio loves multiple orgasms and loves positions that can cause several climaxes. Instead of focusing on the tried-and-true positions, try having your partner pay attention to another erogenous part of your body. Having them worship your feet, neck or ears may result in a climax like you’ve never had before (but will want to again!).

If you’re having sex with a Scorpio partner… Who needs the bed? Try standing up against the counter, and then finish by having them push you onto a table before penetration, the higher than normal angle can feel ultra-intense.


Your go-to move: Stand & Deliver

If you’re having sex with a Sagittarius partner… Sags are intrigued by toys. A vibrator or cock ring can help make them feel like they’re trying something new, especially when coupled with a tried and true position. Or get down with dirty talk. While many Sags are intrigued by threesomes, bringing it up in fantasy is a low-risk way to test the waters.


Your go-to move: 69

Practical, efficient, and caring Capricorns are very intrigued by the prospect of a simultaneous orgasm. The best way to try to make it happen? Oral sex in 69 is a classic for a reason. Enjoy getting each other off, then move onto the main event. A penetration position that offers plenty of eye contact, whether it’s girl-on-top or missionary, can help you communicate exactly what you’re feeling.

If you’re having sex with a Capricorn partner… Earth sign Capricorn loves to please you, so get a little bossy. Say where you want their hands or their mouth, and they’ll enjoy pleasuring you. More than that, they’ll enjoy learning more about you and will make the moves a regular part of their repertoire moving forward.


Your go-to move: Wheelbarrow

Up-for-anything Aquarians are always ready for a challenge. Try a position from the Kama Sutra that may require some flexibility and balance. The wheelbarrow, where the man holds up the woman’s leg as he enters her, is what we’re talking about. It may not be easy (or doable, if you hate yoga!) but you’ll get a lot of laughs, which will bring you both closer. Committing to a carnal challenge is exactly what can drive an achievement-oriented Aquarius in the bedroom.

If you’re having sex with an Aquarius partner… Fixed sign Aquarius knows what they like, but when was the last time you asked them? Asking them exactly what to do, or adding a role-play element by asking them permission before you do something, can help you zoom in on their pleasure points. Asking for direction can be surprisingly hot, and an Aquarius will only be too happy to oblige.


Your go-to move: Quickie Fix

Pisces can’t get enough sensation, so adding a vibrator to the action can feel incredibly good. Or, have your partner use their hands to stimulate you while you get it on. The temptation from as many sources as possible can truly make your body sing.

If you’re having sex with a Pisces partner… Emotional Pisces gets a thrill from “edging”, almost reaching climax before bringing the action down a bit. Play with different peaks, and by the time you let them go over the edge, the experience will be ultra intense for both of you.

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