‘How Do I Make New Friends Quickly?’, Ways To Go From Introvert to Extrovert

Being an introvert simply means that social situations drain you while solitude recharges you. Similar to the party boys that are always at a party, the introverts are always by themselves or with only a couple of friends. While being an extrovert naturally puts you in a situation where you learn social skills, being an introvert does the opposite. The important thing is that it can be learned and mastered.

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Here are 5 basic things that necessitate preparing with for making friends quickly:

1. Be positive!

That’s the first you need to mention in order to make new friends or continue with already friendship. It might sound simple, but a positive mindset is one of the best ways to bring healthy relationships. Positive body language like smiling and making eye contact is usually the first way to break the ice with someone. You know this might be against your attitude to behave in according to person, but that’s a simple way to attract that person towards you!

2. Be a good listener, and seek mutual grounds.

Being a good listener is an easy way to bond. According to neuroscience research from Princeton University, your brain gets more satisfaction from talking about yourself than it does from food or money, so give potential friends the opportunity to do so by asking lots of issues.

3. Join Any Social Group – Based Around a Hobby or a Passion.

Whether it’s a gym class, a book club, or volunteering, joining a social group is a great way to meet like-minded people that you wouldn’t run into through your daily routines.

4. Share Personal Information

A 1997 study at Stony Brook University brought together pairs of strangers to discuss a series of increasingly personal topics. In a span of 45 minutes, they were told to question each other’s feelings and activities on everything from daily life to childhood memories. Not always but more often any person who knows about you, ultimately gain more trust on you & trust makes any bond stronger.

5. Ask the question – Even if you know.

Anybody loves to be smart & of course to be called a smart. People who are always fishing for compliments. Who hates being superior? If the person who feels. Some people feel that complimenting other people will “take away” from themselves in some fashion. Basically, it all boils down to being egotistical. But that’s against the rule of making new friends.

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