6 Life Problems That Would Not Fix Even After Dropping Kilos From Your Body

It feels unfair. You see, there’s a huge number of choices people make that have an impact on their health. But being obese is special in being so very visible, all the time, to everyone, in the first five seconds. When you meet a random person on the street, you can’t at a glance tell if they smoke 10 a day or never smoked in their life.

You can’t, at a glance, tell if they eat a lot of vegetables and healthy food, or if they eat unhealthy food. You can’t know immediately if they drink too much alcohol 5 times a week, or if they have a responsible relationship with alcohol. You don’t know if they stay pretty active and work out 3 times a week or if they’re a total coach-potato. [Also read, Eat This Protein-Packed Breakfast To Lose Extra Weight]

But you notice right away if they are normal weight, or obese, and judge them for it, often harshly. A lot of people embark on their weight loss journey thinking that the end result will iron out every issue from their life, but honestly, they are just expecting too much. Weight loss would surely inject some self-confidence, boost their morale, but it is not a key to cheer.

Here are six life problem losing weight would not fix:

1. Train You Healthful Eating

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Dieting won’t help to fix your habit of emotional eating. If you are a picky eater or are mostly included in binge eating, then it will continue even after losing weight. If you want to change your eating habit then start it now. Take some time out and make an effort to break your habit of unhealthy eating. Get addicted to healthy food & addiction can come by doing a thing again and again. Don’t give yourself any choice to choose between healthy & unhealthy food.

2. Your Work-Job

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In case you are not practicing for your dream job because you want to look your best when you approach them, remember you are just wasting your time. Your skills matter more than your looks. So if you are waiting for the right time, it is now or never. Placing your life on hold just because you think that you are not satisfactory enough is wrong. Accept how you are, try to be positive and remove any self-doubts.

3. Your self-esteem

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It is true that dropping kilos can give a little increase to your confidence, but it is not going to change your perspective towards yourself. You need to generate positive feelings and think good about yourself to gain your self-esteem. Try to be a better version of yourself rather trying to look better. Don’t compare with others, compare yourself from yesterday!

4. Your Love Life

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Losing weight will not solve the problem of your love life. If the relation between you and your companion is not good right now, it will not get better if you will lose some kilos. If you think that your partner is not spending attention to you or you do not share the same passion as you used to earlier, then it is better to talk about it. Weight loss is not an answer to your love-related problems. Furthermore, if you think that you are single because you are overweight and would find someone if you will lose weight, then also you need to work on your self-esteem more than anything. One of the most complicated thing in life is Love-life!

5. Thin People Are Happier

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It is just a myth that thin people are happier. Joy is not defined by someone’s body weight. Be it a thin or a fat person, everyone has their own trouble and thought. It is perfectly fine if you want to get into a good shape, but that will not make you happy! Happiness is a result of a change of panorama. Try to get rid of negative thoughts and find happiness in small things taking place around you. Be confident about your future and you will automatically feel fulfilled.

6. Depression And Stress Issues

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It is a common belief that depression and weight loss go hand in hand, but that is not true. It is a common thing to minimize depression due to a lot of shame associated with it. Depression is very dangerous and the issue cannot be solved just by casting some kilos from your body. You need to take proper treatment for it. Better to see any psychologist for better help.

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