5 Kinds Of Food Are Responsible For Skin Problems – Pimple, Dark Spots, Acne

There’re only a few in millions who are not prone to eat fast-food, street food. The history of fast food is approximately 100 years and it is in order to fit the modern and busy lifestyle. We often consume fast food. But do you know anything about it’s damaging our body seriously? While eating fast food is quite delightful but it is very harmful to our body.

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Fast food has many serious effects which create sadness and anxiety. It gradually destroys the ability to think, retention, the desire to study anything. Fast food is used for seasoning for monosodium glutamate, which is responsible for cancer, tumor, neurological disorder. The lever to almost all types of physical illnesses is blamed for fast food or junk food in some way or the other. But other than that it is also responsible for wrinkles on our face and some other skin problems like acne, pimple & dark spots.

Well, we can’t completely blame the food style, atmospheric conditions (Pollution) & lifestyle are both responsible. Eating habits are the main culprit.

We are here to discuss 5 kinds of food that are seriously affecting your skin and you should avoid it by now.

1. Consuming Trans-fat

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Trans fats are nutrition no-no. Yet they’re in demand for several and different quality reasons. And that’s for the reason they make food taste crisp and crunchy, they are more stable so food lasts longer on the shelves, and they cost less. Processed foods like biscuits, cookies, cake, puffs are made often by using Vegetable ghee or margarine (artificial butter). Both of them includes trans fat. Trans fat not only increases the risk of stroke and heart attack but also imbalances the body’s hormones, resulting in getting wrinkles before time.
Consuming more carbs

2. Deep Fried Foods

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Deep frying is a common cooking method used across the globe. It’s often used by restaurants and fast food chains as a quick and inexpensive way to prepare foods. Deep fried food like French Fries, Cheese balls, Indian street food (Jalebi, Samosa, Pav Bhaji, Chole Bhature, Kati Roll, etc) put a negative effect on your skin. Fried foods are high in fat, calories, and often salt. Deep-fried foods may influence the risk of these diseases through several key risk factors: obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.” Our body necessitates only 20ml of oil every day. More than that can cause problems including the skin. With the excess of oil in the body, skin to becomes oily hence gives birth to acne, pimples, and wrinkles.

3. Consuming More Carbs

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Carbs are to dieters as tarantulas are to, well, pretty much everyone. Both are unrightfully vilified and give their haters the heebie-jeebies. Carbohydrates are very important for our body. But taking it in high amounts can lead to many problems. Skin also gets affected by it. Such a high amount of carbs are usually present in foods like refined white sugar, rice, flour, pasta, etc that directly affects the skin. It harms the skin’s natural glow and increases pimple problems.

4. Too Much Dairy products

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Research has found that sixty percent of adults can’t actually digest milk properly. People who are lactose intolerant can’t process lactose, which is the main sugar found in milk, according to SoYummy. Try to avoid dairy products that are produced by commercial farming. They are produced by injecting hormonal injections to the animals. It affects the milk and the products made from milk. This can cause hormonal imbalance in the body which results in acne, dark spots, rashes and wrinkles on the skin. Therefore, use dairy products but don’t depend on them completely and use them in a balanced amount.

5. Red Meat & Alcohol

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According to the report of, Red meat and alcohol are major cancer causes. Millions of people are at risk of getting cancer unless they slash levels of alcohol and red meat in their diets, medical experts have warned in a landmark study. We’re not here to make you afraid but it’s better to get attention before suffering from any disease. Red meat contains a high amount of saturated fat. Many studies have revealed that saturated fat is not only harmful to heart but it can also cause many severe skin problems. In total food intake, a person should include only 10% of red meat. Excessive intake of alcohol also causes skin problems.

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