Healthy Recipes: 5 Potato Dishes Which You Can Consider Even In Your Diet

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Potatoes are vegetables but they contain a lot of starch (carbohydrates) that make them more like rice, pasta, and bread in terms of nutrition. Much like rice, wheat, and maize (corn), potato crops are an important part of the world’s diet. Potatoes have secured themselves a bad reputation in the world of health and nutrition. But also, there’re many courses of potatoes which are the reason for obesity.

“They are a good source of vitamin C, potassium, fiber, B vitamins, copper, tryptophan, manganese, and lutein,” notes the book ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing House.

They are also beneficial for hypertension, blood circulation and helpful in soothing your nerves. The tuber is also packed with high anti-inflammatory properties.

The way you prepare your potatoes can make a whole lot of difference to your diet. If you go for deep-fried wedges, fries, wafers, tikkis, and cutlets, you may be sending an invitation to cholesterol and weight gain. On the safe side, if you cook them well and have them in balance, there is no harm in including them in your diet.

Here are 5 dishes which you can consider even on diet:

1. Aloo ka Raita

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Raita is a cooling summertime staple that is prepared in various ways in several North Indian households. Made with the goodness of curd, this raita is a filling and delicious pro-biotic. It is also very helpful in digestion of heavy food which you ate before having this. A good gut is key for healthy digestion. Since it uses boiled potatoes, you get to enjoy all the healthy qualities of potatoes here too. If this is something you found new or the first time, we’re not good at cooking, you better take the help of Google.

2. Baked Potato Wedges

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Potato wedges are wedges of potatoes, of course, often large and unpeeled, that are either baked or fried. Baking your potatoes is one of the healthiest ways in which you can yield maximum nutrition out of a potato. It is a good idea for weight loss too. The logic here is simple. Deep-frying anything adds to the final calorie load of the dish. Since baking requires very little oil, you save as many calories. These yummy wedges are easy to prepare and are an immensely healthy alternative to fries.

3. Herbed Potatoes

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In this course, you’re not getting just the nutrients of potatoes but also from other ingredients which are used to prepare this dish. Potatoes tossed with honey, herbs, and garlic! Packed with antioxidants and minerals that can aid fat loss, this baked snack is something you can consider in your low-carb diet.

4. Masala Baby Potato Roast

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Roasting your potatoes also help you save many calories as compared to frying. Baby potatoes are significantly lower in carb content too. The recipe is teeming with a delicious spice mix made of weight loss boosting spices like coriander seeds, cumin seeds, black peppercorns, and fennel seeds.

5. Aloo Jeera

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It is one of the lightest desi aloo preparations. But one needs to keep in mind, apply less & limited oil quantity to fry potato. And it is so easy to make too, which is why your mother would often pack them for tiffin. Cumin has volatile substances that can help rev up metabolism naturally and also increase the digestibility of food. Make sure you monitor your oil quotient here; too much oil can increase chances of weight gain. Jeera Aloo is typically served as a side dish but its main ingredients are potatoes, cumin seeds, and Indian spices. Other ingredients are red chili powder, ginger, coriander powder, curry leaves, vegetable oil, and salt. Did you count that?

However, we do not recommend to go with these dishes when you’re on a heavy diet. A little calorie malfunction can destroy your diet plan.

“Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.”

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