Healthy Food: 5 Indian Meals That Can Help You Lose Weight

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Only obese people can understand what it’s like to be over-weight. An obese body needs high calories than a normal body and it’s harder for an obese person to go diet. Weight loss isn’t about cutting meals or fasting. In fact, these practices might turn out to be health-defying. Rather, one should aim for three healthy meals each day, and regular, healthy snacking, even while attempting to lose weight. There’s a myth that Indian food is just about curry, spices, oil, ghee, etc. But this is time to break the parable, in fact, there are lots of Indian meal options to choose from which is way more healthy. [Also read, 5 Morning Drinks To Reduce Body Flesh, Belly Fat]

Here are 5 healthy Indian foods can help lose your weight.

1. Khichdi

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Also called sometimes, a hospital food, that’s because it’s boring but because it is a way healthy and poured with full on nutrients. It’s often given to the sick, for its great healing and health-boosting properties. A wholesome, filling, yet light-weight meal, khichdi makes for a great meal option for everybody. An all-time ideal for helping in weight loss. Khichdi is an all-time beloved Indian food. With just one serving of khichdi, you’ll get plenty of carbohydrates, proteins, dietary fiber, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and potassium that can boost your whole day.

2. Dalia

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Famously is known as weight-cutting food. Many Indians do take this as healthy dietary. Light yet filling, Dalia is your go-to weight loss food. Dalia is the go-to Indian food for those looking to shed extra kilos because it’s lightweight, easily digestible, and contains a high amount of fiber. Further, it contains several essential nutrients like protein, magnesium, potassium, and iron. Apart from contributing to weight loss, Dalia also offers an array of other health benefits, like improving heart health, preventing constipation, and boosting metabolism. Sometimes, having light food can’t turn off the hunger, but the case is not same with Dalia.

3. Dals (Pulses)

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North India prefers Dal with Rice where South Indian prefers dals in sambhar. Plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals in one bowl. Dal (pulses) is one of the most common Indian foods, and the good part is, it’s amazingly healthy. There are very little fat, and generous amounts of protein in all types of dal. With so much goodness in just one serving of dal, it is an all-time favorite for people looking to lose weight and add muscle mass. Eat with chappati to aid weight-loss.

4. Upma

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Nutritious and filling Upma will help you lose belly fat. The best part about upma, as a meal option, is that you can add anything you desire to it, be it veggies, dry-fruits, lentils, curry leaves. This makes it a great meal that is both packed with nutritious goodness and is a tasty delight. Have it for the many health benefits of suji/rava like an energy boost, filling ability, and great heart health.

5. Poha

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Who can hate Poha? Okay! the exception exists everywhere! One of the most loved Indian breakfast options. Given the ease of making it, poha is a vastly popular breakfast option. But what makes poha an impeccable meal is its list of health benefits as it has healthy carbohydrates, is rich in iron, and can be easily digested. Being low-calorie, poha gives nutritious value without giving you unwanted fats. Add a lot of veggies too, to augment its nutritious capacity. The best part of Poha is that it can be served at any time of the day. This is one such dish which is stuffed with health and taste.

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