6 Activities What You Can Do When Traveling To Shimla In Summer

One of the most visited and loved hill stations in India is Shimla and it is a great place to unwind in summers. Shilma has no right time to visit, that’s we are saying because it is a perfect hill station, it will give you a different experience in a different season. The beauty of the lush green valleys, gushing rivers, snow-kissed mountains, pleasant climate, gorgeous mountain vistas, and the sightseeing attractions and their beauty can’t be described in words.

Shimla is a whole year-round holiday destination popular with families and couples. However, summers in Shimla are perfect for trekking, camping, and rafting. If you’re an adventure junkie, May to July is the right time to pack your bags for Shimla.

Here are activities what you can do while traveling in summer to Shimla:

1. Camping at Shoghi

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Camping in Shimla can be adventurous as well, as being in the hills has its own advantages apart from possessing surreal beauty. This camp, for example, is one such gem in the crown of Shimla, which is also called the Queen of the Hills. Experience and enjoy the magic and mystique of the Himalayas in Shimla. A slice of heaven on earth has innumerable activities to relish your mind, body, and soul from the monotony of the routine life.

2. Trekking

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Shimla is a trekker’s by-and-By. There are many trekking paths that help you explore the farthest corners of the city. The best trek routes are to Dhanu Devta Temples, Kamna Devi Temple, Chadwick Falls, Jakhoo Temple, and Tara Devi Temple. Trekking is ideally suited to exploring villages and monasteries in remote regions and getting close up to inspiring mountain scenery. Most of these are short treks that can easily be undertaken by first-time trekkers as well as seasoned trekkers.

3. Forest Camping

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While staying in a luxurious property has its own charm, camping under the open night sky is another experience altogether. The best camping sites in Shimla are the Redwood Camp, Mashobra Greens, and Kheerganga Camping Company. A local town near Shimla which is situated on an elevation of 5100 feet is called Junga. It is around 26 km from Shimla and is surrounded by green hills with snow-capped mountains and has a forest cover of kail, deodar, pine, ban, and other trees.

4. River-rafting

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River-rafting in Rishikesh is passé. This adventure activity offers unparalleled thrill in Shimla. The free-flowing river Sutlej which flows through the city is where this sport happens. The most common route is from Chabba to Tattapani; stretched across 12km, and takes 2 hours to finish.

5. Cycling

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The best way to unwind without exerting yourself physically is by cycling around Shimla. You can spend one whole day cycling at the Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary, famous for its varied wildlife, and forested nature preserve.

6. Paragliding

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If flying across blue skies excites you, try paragliding in Shimla. Shimla is blessed with bountiful natural landscapes that look picture perfect from the sky. The best place to experience paragliding in Shimla is in Kangra Valley, located at a distance of 233km and takes 6 hours to reach.

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