You May Not Need to Have Sex, Just Kissing Can Transmit Gonorrhea Says The Study

There are as many names for kissing, as there are ways to do it. Whether we’re giving a friendly one on the cheek as a hello, or shoving our tongue deep down in somebody’s throat as a romantic gesture. Upturning the widely spread notion that sexually transmitted disease is spread almost exclusively through the sexual meeting, a team of may researchers claim that is possible to pass gonorrhea, a bacterium that is spread through vaginal, oral and anal sex through kissing.

The researchers in Australia found that kissing with tongues may transmit oropharyngeal gonorrhea, or oral gonorrhea, particularly among bisexual men & gay. The study examined more than 3000 men out of which six percent tested positive for oral gonorrhea.

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The volunteers reported that they had an average of four kissing-only partners, five kissing-with-sex partners and one sex-only partner over the past three months. The examiner noticed that those with a higher number of kissing-only and kissing-with-sex partners were at a greater risk of testing positive for oral gonorrhea, the study said.

“We found that the more people an individual kissed also placed them at an increased risk of having throat gonorrhea, irrespective of whether sex occurred with the kissing. This data challenges the accepted traditional transmission routes of gonorrhea held for the past 100 years, where a partner’s penis was thought to be the source of throat infection,” Eric Chow, the lead author of the study, told the Washington Post.

“We found after we controlled statistically for the number of men kissed, that ‘the number of men someone had sex with but did not kiss was not associated with throat gonorrhea.” he said.

“Through our research, we have shown that gonorrhea can be passed on through kissing. This will help people understand how the infection was introduced, particularly if they have not have been sexually active,” he added further.

“We know it’s unlikely that people will stop kissing, and our team is already doing a clinical trial examining whether daily use of mouthwash could prevent gonorrhea. If it works, it could be a simple and cheap intervention for everyone.” he also said.

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Gonorrhea a sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae infects. There are an estimated 78 million (that’s a pretty wide section of the population) new cases of gonorrhea diagnosed each year.

According to, Gonorrhea is easily treated but can cause serious and sometimes permanent complications. The pelvic inflammatory disease occurs in women when the gonorrhea infection affects their uterus or fallopian tubes. The most serious complication associated with the pelvic inflammatory disease is infertility.

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