11 Health Effects Caused By Smoking Cigarettes You Didn’t Know About

The research found that approximately 5.5 trillion cigarettes were made every year, and about 1.1 billion people smoke cigarettes. That’s a pretty large number. Of these, about 100 percent of all cigarette smoking in Asia is 44 percent male and 4 percent in Asia. Cigarette consumption in women is about 46 percent of men and 26 percent of women in Europe. It is about 35 and 22 percent in America. But like the cigarette epidemic in the western ocean region. About 60 percent of men and 8 percent of women are addicted to smokes.

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Smokes can be called fashion of this epoch. Playing with smokes is smart and not un-smart, so many people now. Everyone is eating cigarettes regardless of the children. Cigarettes do not destroy anyone one day. As age progresses, it is gradually getting worse.

Here are the health effects of Cigarette Smoking:

1. Causes bone loss. This is more serious for girls. Because girls are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis, smokers on them are at risk of getting infected with 10-15% more.

2. During the day, consuming 20 cigarette smokers takes about 1 cup of amount (tar) per year with smoke. This lubricates the lungs and covers them.

3. Increases the risk of stomach cancer or ulcer, kidney, pancreas, bladder cancer. So, it is seen that smoking itself is gradually progressing slowly towards the end. So be conscious and now we have to be motivated to release cigarettes. Again, without impetus, not suddenly, thousands of times, if we can bring our vision to cigarette leaving pure food for our own benefit, we will be able to lead our next journey as a healthy nation.

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4. Cigarette creates ’emphysema’ in the lungs. If the ’emphysema’ is slowly rubbing the lungs. When the ‘Emphysema’ patient is then bronchitis. Can break the heart or lung pulse at any time.

5. The coronary artery created a blockage. Then there is an angioplasty ring in the artery, this ring is for 10 years. If there is no improvement then there is no way except bypass surgery (open heart).

6. Besides, the smell of cigarette creates a bad smell. Damage to teeth and gums.

7. Heart attacks and stroke causes.

8. Because of the cigarette, the skin is less oxygenated, so it develops rough skin like the old age. Even if the limb oxygen appears in the limb, it can not be done without cutting it.

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9. Carbon monoxide eliminates the oxygen of our muscles, tissues, and bones. As a result, the heart needs to work hard to keep these tissues oxygenated. As a result, once the body’s air passes swell and at the end, low winds enter the lungs.

10. A cigarette is caused by lung cancer.

11. Smoking during pregnancy can cause frequent miscarriage, childbirth before birth, and if the baby is born then it can be seen that the baby is born with less weight or in an immature condition.

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