Why Foreigners Are Coming India For Treatment?, India Is Becoming The Finest Tourism Destination

Indians are around every corner of this world. Indian doctors have always been more in demand in the USA and now the UK is also again looking at Indian doctors to meet the shortage of doctors there. In the USA, doctors of Indian origin are considered as a brand as they have considerably risen in the ranks of the medical community. Whereas, now Indian Doctors are seeking their future in their own country. Medical Travel Industry has come a long way, A decade ago, patients used to travel across the border for Affordable Healthcare however now patients are choosing a destination which offers complete package Quality Treatment, Ease of Communication & Travel at the same time offering Competitive pricing. India is known for providing Quality service in any sector at an affordable price.

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Everyday new disease is taking birth, some of the counties have not a proper cure but in case if there is, it’s beyond affordable for common people. People as a global citizen and are accessing the services from across the globe especially Medical Treatment Services however in the current environment in some of the countries has necessitated and do not allow such practices thus ease of travel and accessibility becomes a key driver for choosing a destination for a Medical Tourism.

When you shift the reason, there are many factors are to be concerned after the quality of medical care. However, the quality of medical care is first concerned.

Class of Medical Care:

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Being 2nd most populous country in the world, India has over 500+ Accredited Healthcare providers (JCI & NABH) and uses world-class technologies at par with the western world. Indian Doctors are known for their superiority across the globe, one of the studies reveals that over 10per cent of the doctors practicing in the UK and US are Indian. Besides the availability of advanced medical technology and modern hospitals, most of the medical care facilities and hospitals are staffed by experienced and Healthcare Professionals, who are proficient in the latest medical treatment designs. India is a popular destination for medical tourists, given the relatively low costs and high quality of its private hospitals.


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There is the least percentage of Indian who do not speak at least two languages. India is claimed to be the second largest English-speaking country and also has a good number of interpreters in the countries which ease the complete process for Medical Travellers and attendants traveling. Traveling to India for any abroad person is not tough as cab-drivers can also speak quite English.


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India is a king in giving values for money, things can be compared as Mars Mission of India was cheaper than the movie Gravity. Medical Travellers traveling to India for Medical care can save at least 50% of the cost which they might spend if traveled to the developed western country to avail the treatment. That’s the mega reason why India has become the hub in Asia and also in the world.

Cheaper Medical Expenses:

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The expense of treatment in India is way lesser than that of any developed western countries without compromising on the quality of care. If you want to see the data of treatment cost, why do you check out? Click Here. However, we do not claim this data to be true.

Cost of Living:

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Cost of living in India is lower than in any developed country (aggregate data for all cities, rent is not considered). Rent in India is also lower (average data for all cities). The patient always travels with attendant and might require to stay for a longer period of time both before and after the Medical treatment thus this is one of the important factors which considering a travel destination. $5-15/night for an average hotel room in most Indian cities. Cheaper transportation also makes the list stronger.

Kinds of Food:

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If anything India has better than the World, first comes in the list – food. India is Home to foodies and offers varieties of food from across the globe thus getting the food as per choice is just click of a button, thank these mobile app food deliveries. Food is also one of the key deciding factors for Medical travelers and companions.

Traveling to India:

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India provides easy on-arrival VISA to the people of many nations. Medical VISA norms have been simplified to ensure hassle-free VISA for Medical Patient and attendant. The Medical VISA offer multiple entries and long term stays for Medical Care. Also, the government has recently launched E-Medical VISA to further ease the process.

Alternative Treatment:

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Indian history is far older than India. India is acknowledged for offering alternate Medicines and has certified & Accredited Wellness & Ayurveda Centres. Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India. Ayurveda has been enjoying a major resurgence in both its native land and throughout the world AYUSH Industry is estimated to be USD$10 Billion and expected to grow to US$25 billion by 2020. Ayurveda is also believed to cure disease without any side-effects.

True professionals provide considered advice. And sometimes doing nothing is exactly the right thing to do. The same is true of medicine. Recognize that the doctor who advises no action may be the one who really cares for you.

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