Overweight Dog Losses 45kg Weight Which Saved His Life, Netizens Feels Inspired

Obesity is the largest disease by which humans are infected. Obesity is the root of most of the disease and 1 out of 4 people are trying to get rid of it. But sometimes we try and let it out go because it feels impossible. We approach our family, friends, gurus, website, podcasts for help. We talk with them, share our problems and try to devise a solution so that we can improve our state-of-mind. But, in case if you those didn’t motivated to you, let’s move away from things related to our species and take a look at the dog kingdom as a source of inspiration.

Kai used to be overweight as he was abused by his previous owners and then Kai was taken to the vet to get treatment. But there he found his foster mom who took him home and helped him to drop the weight, according to The Dodo.

There’s an initial step which should be taken for losing weight is having healthy foods. Only in rare case, a healthy food eater is over-weight. The vet had told Kai‘s new owner that he needed to lose around 100 pounds. And initially, that looked like an impossible task because he was unable to walk to walk a few steps in the park. However, with a healthy meal plan and regular exercise, little by little he dropped all that extra fat and changes are motivational even for humans. We are so happy to see Kai in this look.

Check out the transformation of Kai:

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