20 Behind-the-scenes Photos Proving That You Can’t Trust Everything You See On Social Media

Photography is science plus magic. It’s really amazing that you just push a button and it captures the moment which you can relive by just seeing that picture. If there were no cameras then how we would have done this. Our memory is not that so good to capture everything. So we say photography is magical science and it deals with technology. And sometimes these photo modifications can go far beyond our imaginations.

We at PoopBite gathered 20 behind-the-scenes photos proving that you can’t always trust everything you see on social media.

1. When you can’t go to the real sea:


2. All you need is a photographer’s help.

Image Source: bestudios_sd / Instagram

3. The secrets of levitation


4. The easiest way to hold a baby

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5. When you realize it really is beautiful on the other side:

Image Source: calop_ / Instagram

6. When you’re on a diet but 3 am snacks don’t count:

Image Source: calop_ / Instagram

7. This is the kind of support we all need.

8. Even the greatest shots can be taken in quite unexpected places.

Image Source: calop_ / Instagram

9. Sometimes perspective really matters.


10. How to make a perfect setting for your baby’s photo:

New Ideas For New Born Baby Photography : Behind the scenes newborn photography.//

11. Do you need some clouds? Just destroy a few pillows!

Image Source: calop_ / Instagram

12. If you have no studio, you can always go shopping.

Image Source: calop_ / Instagram

13. Taco Bell can be used for more than just eating.

Image Source: calop_ / Instagram

14. If you need a perfect background, a TV might help.

Image Source: calop_ / Instagram

15. How you look when reading vs how you feel:

Image Source: Igor Grushko /

16. Don’t want to buy flowers for your pictures? Florists can always help!

Image Source: calop_ / Instagram

17. The universe is much closer than you think.

Image Source: calop_ / Instagram

18. When you really love nature:


19. In order to shine like a star, you’ll just need some neon paint and a blacklight.

Image Source: calop_ / Instagram

20. Even a sky swing needs some fixed support.


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