17 Food Items That We Can’t Eat With Our Family

The whole world is bizarre and so is the Internet as it permeates with such grotesque things. Thinking for your first date or a family night out? Or planning to order butter chicken or kadhai paneer, or are you going for a buffet? Well, whatever you are planning, please be careful as one should better avoid eating in these particular food joints or particular specialties.

1. Wow! what a brand name:

2. This biryani will make you feel more stupid than you are:

3. A spicy, hot chat, which comes with …. :

4. Lol, don’t order this roti in front of your parents:

5. We wonder what type of coffee this cafe would be serving – sexpresso?:

6. What was the owner even thinking before naming this restaurant:

7. Spanking soda – is anything like this exists?:

8. Hahah, this is epic:

9. Well, you can buy ‘child bear’ here:

10. Yeah, anything can happen in India:

11. WTF is this?:

12. LMAO, this is hilarious:

13. This meenu is too funny:

14. Vagina Tandoori, can’t even imagine the dishes they serve:

15. Vagi combo – take out only:

16. We can’t eat this substantial sandwich:

17. Omg…how to unread this?:

18. Once you eat this ‘bi sin laddoo’, there’s no going back you sinner:

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